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Buy Once, Buy Well

Anything worth buying should be worth caring for. That's why I look for objects that are made to last and designed to withstand changing trends.

Did you know that by some estimates, Americans buy an average of 68 new pieces of new clothing each year? And Americans wear those clothes an average of only 7 times before discarding them.

Corporations have sold us the idea that buying a lot of cheap, poorly made items that don't last is the norm. It doesn't have to be!

That's why all of the items we sell--not just clothing--are well made and designed with usability, comfort, and durability in mind. When you invest in objects you love, which will last for many years and can be maintained and repaired, you consume less and are happier for it.

Ethical Manufacturing

I carefully vet all of the brands I work with to ensure that they are engaged in ethical manufacturing practices that respect workers and the planet.

I primarily source our products from countries known to have high labor standards, and I look for Fair Trade Certified and artisan made products. I love working with individual craftspeople and small companies with many generations of manufacturing experience who are preserving traditional production methods. I believe that everyone deserves a living wage, and that if something is cheap, it’s probably because someone didn’t get paid enough to make it!

Environmental Impact

Reducing Short Wave’s environmental impact is at the forefront of all of my decisions, so I carry things made with natural materials and ingredients.

All body care items are packaged in glass, metal or paper, I do not carry products made from plastic, all clothing is made from natural fibers, and I carry many recycled, organic and low waste products. However, Short Wave is not 100% plastic free. Some of our body care items have spray or pump tops, most of our socks have a small amount of synthetic fiber, and some of our food and stationery items are packaged in plastic sleeves.

All online orders are packed in reused materials and all of our tissue, tags, bags, paper tape and labels are made from recycled paper and soy based ink.

Size Inclusivity

I carry clothing in sizes XS - 5XL, with most clothes falling in the S - 2XL range.

I do not promote Short Wave as a fat fashion boutique, because I do still sell some clothing that only goes up to size XL, but I am working towards only carrying garments that go to size 2XL or larger.

I only work with small brands (sometimes just one person!) who are transparent about their manufacturing process and supply chain, and I have to keep prices accessible to our customers, so unfortunately I do not have a lot of options when it comes to sourcing sizes above 2XL, but I am always telling our brand partners that we want more inclusive sizing, and I always buy larger sizes when they are available. Check out the Available in 3XL or Better section to see our current offerings. Do you have a favorite size inclusive ethical clothing brand? Please let me know!

Giving Back

I currently contribute about 3% of my profits to nonprofit organizations and mutual aid efforts each year.

My goal is to increase that as Short Wave grows. Some of the groups I support are the Lower Columbia Q Center, Lemonade Foundation, North Coast Land Conservancy, the Astoria Warming Center, Clatsop Community Action, the Chinook Nation and the National Bail Out.

Have a Question or Suggestion?

I'd love to hear from you! I really value customer feedback and I'm always happy to answer any questions about my business practices & the people I work with.

Email hello@shortwaveastoria.com with your thoughts.

Thank you for shopping small and supporting my business!