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Find your favorite thing

Short Wave is here to connect you with durable, useful and delightful objects that you’ll grow to love and want to care for.

Objects that will become your daily companions and carry your stories with them.

Objects made with integrity by people who take pride in their work.

Delight in the Everyday

Short Wave is here to help you discover life’s simple pleasures. Snuggling into a perfectly plush pair of socks, sipping coffee out of your favorite mug, skating your pen across the smoothest paper, or putting on a tee shirt that feels buttery soft from the very first wear are small things that bring excitement and delight to your daily routine.  

Buy Better, Buy Less

Anything worth buying should be worth caring for. Things should be built to last and designed to withstand changing trends. That’s why I search for thoughtfully designed and passionately crafted useful things that you’ll reach for every day, year after year.

I don't think we can shop our way out of the ecological and economic crises we're in, but I do think that making more intentional choices (within your budget, of course!) can help combat consumerism and disposability culture. I want to sell you only what you will use often and cherish for a long time.

Globally Sourced, Locally Focused

We bring together conscientiously manufactured goods from all over the world, but we especially love working with people close to home and currently work with over 70 makers and small brands based in Oregon and Washington. 


Reducing consumption by offering functional, durable, enjoyable goods that won't need to be replaced often, if ever, is my primary goal, but a lot of other principles and criteria guide my decisions here at Short Wave. I carefully vet all of the brands I work with to ensure that they are engaged in ethical manufacturing practices that respect workers and the planet.