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Hi, it's me, Ari!

Hi, it's me, Ari!

A photo of a woman in her early 30s with long brown hair wearing a black hat that says "Astoria, Oregon" and a shirt with a turquoise and terracotta abstract stairway design. She is smiling and standing in front of the river with a cargo ship in the background.

If you've been into the shop, you've probably met me. I'm the owner and sole operator of Short Wave. I answer every one of your emails, phone calls and Instagram messages. I pack and ship all your orders. I sit behind the counter 5 days a week, place all the orders, receive all the inventory, merchandise all the goods, do all the research into new products, list all the items on the website, and a lot more!

It's a lot of work, and I'm not going to lie, it's rough doing it all alone, but connecting with all of you, getting to know other small biz owners and cultivating relationships with the makers and designers I work with make it all feel worthwhile.

My parents took me to a lot of estate sales growing up, and I developed a deep appreciation for the work that goes into crafting the objects in our lives, and the stories that well loved objects tell. I’m a Luddite (in both the modern and the historical sense) at heart and have always been fascinated by traditional craft, analog technology, and how everyday objects reflect, and in turn shape, culture.

My goal with Short Wave is to bring you durable, useful and delightful objects that you’ll grow to love and want to care for. Objects that will become your daily companions and carry your stories with them. Objects made with integrity by people who take pride in their work.

I don't think we can shop our way out of the ecological and economic crises we're in, but I do think that making more intentional choices (within your budget, of course!) can help combat consumerism and disposability culture. I want to sell you only what you will use often and cherish for a long time.

Some fun facts about me:
📷 I still shoot film photography (thank you Blue Moon Camera for being my film processor for the past 20 years!) and I collect photos of beach forts and nice looking walls.
🤓 I’ve done ecological field work all over the state and the Great Basin. My first job out of college was an internship with local nonprofit North Coast Land Conservancy 💚
📚 My favorite job besides running Short Wave was repairing books at the UO’s Beech Conservation Lab. One of my goals for the year is to get back into bookbinding and repair!
💞 I’ve been with my wife and love of my life Alana for 10 years and our dog Atlas is actually our biological daughter. Alana works in the same building as me and co-owns Signal Tattoo with our buddy Loren.

Thank you all for being here! Short Wave exists because of your support, and I am so grateful!