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How It's Made: Copito Botanical Crayons

How It's Made: Copito Botanical Crayons

Meet Clara Infante, the woman who makes Copito’s incredibly special Botanical Crayons made with botanical and mineral pigments.

Clara collects mineral pigments from road cuts near her home in Spain, like the ochre used in her crayons, which is sourced from a stretch of road in the Pyrenees.

The pink pigment comes from another road cut.

The blue crayons are made with Clara’s home grown, hand-harvested and fermented indigo.

After she gathered the raw material, Clara crushes, sifts, and levigates it into usable pigment.

In her studio, she blends the pigment with locally sourced beeswax and ethically farmed plant waxes, pours the mixture into molds and finally hand carves the crayons into their charming final shapes.

These crayons are made with so much care from start to finish and capture some of Earth’s natural vibrancy in such a beautiful way. They are also quite a bit larger than most artist-quality crayons.

This set of 10 will last quite a while and hopefully inspire you to make your own beauty!

All photos courtesy of Copito.