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Loved Things Last!

Loved Things Last!

Happy Earth Day! Today I'm not here to sell you anything. I'm here to remind you that the most sustainable products are the ones you already own. They already exist, so you might as well squeeze as much utility out of them as possible!

I've had this dress since I was 14. I bought it secondhand for $10 and I've loved it ever since. It's rayon crepe, which is an extremely difficult fabric to care for. I didn't know that as a teenager or 20-something and I put a ton of holes in it by improperly washing it. I've mended it several times, and last year I sent it to Suay for a major hole-patching project. This thing has been through everything with me.

I've had this backpack for 10 years. It's not particularly nice. It's made from synthetic materials by a big company that I don't endorse. I bought it because I needed a backpack, I liked the size, it was on sale and I couldn't afford anything better.

The faux leather straps broke immediately. A lot of people would have thrown it away, but I got some scrap leather, waxed linen thread, a big needle and a leather punch Oregon Leather Co. and made some new straps. They've held strong for the past 9 years, and now I love this backpack because I salvaged it.

Consider repairing, repurposing or deep cleaning something before you decide to toss and replace it, and look for things within your budget that you can properly care for and repair if needed.

Not everyone is crafty or handy, so here are some resources:
Suay for mending & over-dyeing
Hidden Opulence for mending & alterations
Reuscher Electronics in Astoria for electronics
Loop Jacobsen around the corner from Short Wave for watch & clock repair
JD's Shoe Repair in Portland for leather & shoe repair
Astoria Shoe Fix for leather & shoe repair

Clotheshorse podcast has some great guides and episodes on laundry & clothing care. Host Amanda Lee McCarty's advice has salvaged many of my clothes.

Loved things last! 💚 What things have you had the longest?